Home Theater Essentials: Video Streaming Sources

Home Theater Essentials: Video Streaming Sources

Tailor-Made Staff. May 25 2016. tailormadeav.com

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If you look at how video technology has evolved over the past century, or even the past five years, you’ll see a dramatic difference. TVs have gone from large boxes to flat panels, and picture has gone from fuzzy black and white to crisp and colorful images. Along with those changes in devices is the way we view and access content. Now there are so many different video platforms available – so much so it can get confusing. In this blog we are going to cover what video streaming is and what the best ways are to access online content in your home theater.

Flow without interruption, with the new era of video entertainment.

What is video streaming?


Video streaming is the process of sending compressed video content over the Internet and displaying it for the viewer in real time. Instead of downloading the video file, or playing a disc, the content can be accessed directly and instantly via the Web. The media is sent in a continuous stream of data and played as it arrives to the screen.


What do I need to stream video?


There are a number of ways to access streaming platforms. One way is purchasing a smart TV, which already comes with the most popular services – such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. You can also use a streaming stick, box, or Blu-ray player. Streaming sticks are Wi-Fi enabled, but if the Internet isn’t strong you can experience issues. A wired Ethernet connection, or professional home network like the ones we install, will provide a reliable connection for high-definition movies and games.




What about 4K content? 


Currently Amazon offer 4K set-top streaming boxes (Amazon Fire TV). You can also use the apps built directly into the TV. Tailor-Made AV can provide you with the best and latest technology to access 4K if you want to invest in the newest picture quality. Control4 also has some 4K video streaming products that allow you to experience incredible entertainment in every room throughout the house.


What are the best sources of video streaming content?


According to an article on The Electronic House, by Joe Whitaker, “The advances availability, and low cost of streaming devices has forever changed the way we consume video. Cord-cutters swear by streaming technology and an increasing number of consumers are looking at it as the best option for watching movies and even sporting events.”

Indeed, you will find that many folks have opted out of cable, and chosen to use only streaming services instead. The most popular platforms are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime which all have a monthly fee. If you have a smart TV, often there will be buttons for streaming services on the remote, but it may be difficult switching back and forth between cable and Internet sources since they are different animals. And that is where having a smart home system gives you the advantage. Not only can we guarantee that the video streaming will be reliable, clear, and fast due to professional networking, but we can also give you a universal remote that integrates every content source you own – including video games, movie services and video streaming. You can also get remotes with high-definition displays and touch screens, through an app, so you can easily hit a button and relax with your favorite show.

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