Now! Home automation is for everyone

Now! Home automation is for everyone

Written by: José Miguel Rubio Varas Cofundador Domótica Davinci For:

In the 80’s Bill Gates had a vision. These expensive computers could afford only large corporations and governments, could IBM’s hand be for everyone. Each person could have their own computer for personal use. Thus was born the PC, the computer for everyone, where the P stands for Personal and C for Computer. With lights and shadows, it has advanced to a stage where many homes have more computers than people, and where some are already talking about the post-PC era.

In the mid-90s only governments, research centers and universities could afford an Internet connection for those PCs to talk to each other by the networks, but it happened that quite fast with a simple modem and telephone line Internet came for everyone. Then it improved rapidly with DSL and that now with 3G is everywhere.

In the summer of 2007 smartphones were devices expensive and complicated to use. They weren’t popular, just for business people or professionals. Suddenly came the iPhone and have a smartphone was something appealing for everyone, by design, usability and a whole lot more.

Since the explosion of the possibilities of electronics in Western life in the 50s, with appliances everywhere, home automation systems, home control, have still another promise that would improve our quality of life, our comfort, our energy efficiency, our security, our leisure, our communications.

But not for all, high prices, dependency professionals, lack of standards, use complicated and whatever reasons, have made the smart home is perceived by most people today, as something expensive for the rich and a source of problems.

We firmly believe that in 2012 that paradigm has begun to slowly break. Home automation is everyone and there are more options than ever for all budgets, needs and requirements. Users can also make the most of the devices and even uses them new and better uses that manufacturers had never imagined. As in many other areas, community forums and the hacker spirit positive advances things, opening doors and providing value with creativity, imagination and volunteer work.

The pillars of home automation for all are born of a home automation natively connected to the Internet and is controlled from Apps for smartphones and tablets, which is great in a scenario where everyone have DSL at home and a smartphone in the pocket.

In addition, home automation can let your imagination of the community to develop what you want about growing ecosystem of devices, so that home automation is no longer a source of problems, and if it is, then the user or the community is able to fix and improve the products and not necessary if you do not want, call the white-coated technicians. Scenes are the program yourself and what does not work well as consultants in the forum. Exhilarating, is not it?

We realize that there are plenty of options to purchase devices and manufacturers offer a reasonable documentation of the characteristics of the equipment they sell, but what we really want to know is how things are done, what uses are giving the people around the world.

What amazing use was created by the next-door neighbor for that system, to inspire, to know the real possibilities that these technologies offer us… Against those cooked futuristic videos, which offer features, sometimes between the impossible and useless.

We will try to offer regular reviews made by ordinary people who have interest to show what they like, as home system, what use are giving, how they have managed. Introduce new projects, new releases… in order to show you that home automation is no longer expensive, and not a source of problems. Domotics is now for everyone.


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