Philips Hue White Light Ambiance Sets the Mood

Philips Hue White Light Ambiance Sets the Mood

By Lisa Montgomery. May 31 2016. For

Bulb goes from cool daylight to warm evening and everything in between.


We know that color can impact, mood, but as Philips proves with its connected Hue white ambiance light bulb, shades of shades of white light to support your day to day routines. It can gradually brighten to help you wake up more naturally, and gently dim to help you drift to sleep more peacefully. From cool daylight (6500k) to warm white (2200k), you can feel more energized during the day and more relaxed in the evening with easy access to the light recipes via the new Philips Hue app on your smart device or the Philips Hue dimmer switch included the starter kit.

Change the ambiance. Feel the difference. Set the right ambiance for any moment with a range of natural white light.



“We know how important white light is in the home; it is similar to natural day light and can help us to focus, feel more alert as well as wind down at night” says Sridhar Kumaraswamy, business leader, Connected Home Systems at Philips Lighting. “With Philips Hue white ambiance, we are delivering a high quality connected light bulb that delivers the full spectrum of white light at the swipe of a finger, allowing consumers to fully benefit from the impact that white light can have on their wellbeing when at home.”


The bulb’s ‘Routines’ feature in the new Philips Hue app imitates the rise of the sun, the ‘Wake up’ routine gently increases in brightness to naturally wake you up in the morning on time. Replicating the sun setting, the ‘Go to sleep’ routine gradually dims the bulb until it is off, preparing your body for restful slumber. For those with young children who have to get up in the middle of the night, ‘Nightlight’ is a new light recipe that delivers a low level of light whilst also minimizing exposure to blue light, lessening the disturbance to your sleep cycle.


Through the new Philips Hue app, all Philips Hue dimmer switches connected to the bridge will now be able to recall scenes via the ‘ON/ I’ button. Simply press the ‘ON/ I’ button repeatedly to switch between the different light recipes designed to help you throughout the day to work, read, feel energized, relax or unwind at night. You can also reassign the selected scenes with up to five of your favorites through the new Philips Hue app. Simple go to ‘Settings’ in the new Philips Hue app, select ‘Switch setup’ and then choose your favorite scenes to work with the Philips Hue dimmer switch.


With Philips Hue white ambiance, you can also create striking and beautiful white light effects that impact the look of your home. If you have an open plan living and kitchen space, use these connected lights to subtly divide the space – opt for a crisp white light effect in the kitchen area and a warm white light in the living room area. Change the ambience of a hallway from practical when returning home to welcoming when guests arrive instantly through a subtly change in the shade of white light.


With more ways to control Philips Hue in the home than ever before, Philips Hue white ambiance starter kit comes with two Philips Hue white ambiance bulbs (800 lumens at 4000k), a bridge that supports Apple HomeKit, and a Philips Hue dimmer switch. This means that you can control all your Philips Hue lights via the Philips Hue app on your smart device, or by using Siri from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. Anyone else, including children, can use the portable Philips Hue dimmer switch to turn your lights on, off, dim and access the light recipes or up to five of your favorite scenes.

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