Nest Smoke and CO Detector


Nest detector has six AA batteries long lasting. A 10-year electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Heat sensors, humidity, occupancy and ambient light. Omnidirectional microphone, speaker, siren and a ring of RGB color with 6 LED.


The Nest smoke detector sends alerts to your phone when you’re not in.
The Split Spectrum sensor detects fast and slow spreading fires.
It is the first smoke alarm, which can be muted directly from your phone or tablet without any additional hardware needed.
It tells you what is wrong and where the problem is.
It keeps you safe and sound for up to 10 years. The longest time allowed by law. Note: The Nest detector can have a silent alarm by pressing the button, as long as it is not a serious alarm. If it detects severe smoke the ring will glow red, because it has detected large amounts of smoke and believes you are in danger.


It is your safety. Do not settle.