Shades Are Essential In A Smart Home

Shades Are Essential In A Smart Home

January 14, 2016. For

Motorized Shades provide incredible benefits to your home.


Everyone has their own idea of what’s important in a smart home. Some people love movies and music and make it a priority to have the best systems in their house, while others enjoy the convenience of having access to every amenity from their mobile device. Whichever feature of smart home automation you value the most, we can all agree that motorized shades are an essential element to your home.

Here are some reasons why we believe you simply can’t overlook this incredible technology.

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Enjoy More Options with Complete Control


If you have a large house, or just a lot of windows, it takes a decent amount of time to open and close them every day. In addition, hard-to-reach windows like skylights make it especially difficult for you to access. By installing motorized shades in your home, you can easily open and close all of them at once with the press of one button. What used to take you many minutes now can be done in one second. Also, when you have a smart home automation system, you can open an app on your smartphone or tablet and select which windows you want to open at what time and enable the program to run every day. For example, create a setting that raises your roller shades or drapes at 6:30 every morning to wake up your family, then have them lowered every night promptly at 6, 7 or to get everyone ready for bed. You can access these settings at any time and create new ones for specific activities like movie nights.


Save Energy with Climate Control Features


Did you know that there are other ways to alter the temperature in your home besides changing the thermostat? Home shading control allows you to warm a room or cool it at any time of the year. By raising your shades around noon when the sun is shining, you allow the sun’s rays to naturally warm and brighten your house in the winter. This allows your thermostat to shut down and your lights to go off, which saves you both energy and money. During the summer, see-through shades are the perfect solution to block those rays to cool the house, but still allow you to see outside. The materials designed by Lutron are see-through and also uses special technology to block the sunshine. Integrate your smart shades, lights, and thermostat and you will have a complete climate control system that helps both your family and the environment.

There are so many good reasons to install smart shades in your home. If you would like to learn more about this feature, please fill out the contact form on our website. Or call us in Bogotá at +57 (1) 678 8339 or in the US at (917) 231 1090.

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