Sonos Adds Apple Music; Gets Romantic

Sonos Adds Apple Music; Gets Romantic

By Lisa Montgomery. February 15 2016. For

Study shows that homes with music enjoy more romance.


They say music calms the savage beast. That music makes the world go round. That music is the heartbeat of the soul. But does music make you swoon? Does it make you feel more romantic? Does it make you want to spoon with your soulmate?

Listening to music out loud can enhance relationships at home.



Even though Valentine’s Day is officially, over, there’s no sense in letting all that romance die. According to a recent study by the popular wireless whole-house audio company Sonos, music does all of the above, and you should be playing it loudly to your loved ones. The company has committed to maintain music’s status as a romance builder by now offering Apple Music in addition to its already diverse selection of music services.

The Calif.-based manufacturer says that Sonos system owners can now stream Apple Music, including Beats1, For You, New, Radio and My Music programming to all of the rooms in their homes that contain Sonos equipment. “This partnership has been an excellent example of two companies that truly care about music coming together to deliver a great listening experience,” says John MacFarlane, Sonos chief executive officer. “Working with Apple give us the opportunity to share Apple Music throughout people’s homes in a way that’s easy, intuitive, and sounds great.”

Commemorating the introduction of the service, Sonos has released its “Music Makes it Home” study.The study, which posed questions to more than 30,000 participants and included an in-field experiment in 30 homes in eight countries, examines how listening to music out loud affects people at home.

Some of the study’s highlights include:


  • People who listen to music out loud at home the most spend an additional 3 hours and 13 minutes per week together with their household members than those who listen out loud the least.


  • Homes with music have more romance. Homeowners that listen to music out loud together the most have 67 percent more sex, and nearly a quarter of the participants said they would give up sex before music.


  • Listening to music out loud can lead to more happiness the study concludes. After music was introduced in the home, 43 percent of participants reported feeling extremely loved, which represents an 87 percent increase from before there was music at home.


  • Sonos says that 83 percent of those taking part in the study find doing household chores is easier when listening to music.


  • Half of those participating in the study said they enjoy cooking more when listening to music. Sonos points out this data supports its in-field finding where the company found that homeowners spent 20 percent more time together in the kitchen when listening to music.

“The truth is people may be sharing a home, but they aren’t sharing much else. Music may be able to change that by bringing everyone back together,” says Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, neuroscientist, musician, and author of the international bestselling book This is Your Brain on Music. “This study takes an important step forward in showing how listening to music out loud can enhance relationships at home.”

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