The Secret Ingredient in a Smart Space

The Secret Ingredient in a Smart Space

By Tailor Made Staff . May 11 2016. For

What is the backbone of a smart home automation system?


You may wonder, ‘what is the secret to installing the very best smart home automation system?’ The answer doesn’t lie in what brands you use or the installer (although those do make a significant impact). The reasoning is that in order to live a connected lifestyle, you need strong connections established in your space. Without it, every other aspect falls apart. Your Internet connection is the backbone of the smart space. But exactly how do you achieve a network that will support a sophisticated integration system? Continue reading to learn exactly what our networking services entail.

The true secret to an effective smart space is the network.



The Secret to a Smarter Space


The truth is you could buy thousands of dollars’ worth of audio/video or smart home equipment and its performance will still only be as good as the network it runs on. Would you invest in a luxury car with an aftermarket engine? But that’s what you do when you use the modem and router supplied by your local Internet Service Provider or electronic store.

The network is the ‘secret ingredient’ – the foundation – of your smart space. So it makes sense to invest in the very best networking solutions to support all of the connected activities you do on a regular basis. A poor network will result in slow download speeds, poor quality video streaming, phone calls that cut out, and those connected devices simply won’t work well consistently. Many people don’t realize that it’s a network issue, and they wrongly blame the AV system or device for the problem. An enterprise-grade network is the secret to a good smart space.


Our Networking Services



Perhaps you have a dedicated home theater and want to stream or download tons of content. Or maybe you have a full smart home system with all the bells and whistles and you need to be connected to your space 24-7. In either case, we match the scale of your system with our network products. Our team will survey your system and space to get the specifications of your technology in order to match the right networking equipment. We can take your specific devices, applications, usage patterns and conditions of the space into consideration so that we can customize your network. We’ll ensure that it’s powerful enough to transmit all the connections you desire – from automated lighting, shading, security, and more.



Once we have assessed your space, our team decides on a plan of execution to get your smart space up and running with premier performance. We’ll let you know what we recommend for the networking package. After we go over those details with you, and you sign off on the proposal we can move forward with the installation.



We mostly use wireless networking solutions to ensure that your Internet connections stays steady. We’ll place wireless access points in key areas in your space and check all of the connections to avoid any pitfalls. All of the equipment won’t hinder your interior design, and we’ll place components out of the way or use equipment that has a great design, so that it won’t create an eyesore in your spaces.


Service and Support:

One of the greatest benefits of working with a local integration company is that you get more personal service and support. You won’t have to stand in a long line of service request phone calls, or talk to a scripted robot on the phone. Our team will respond personally and fix your problem quickly. Since we already know the ins and outs of your system, it will be easier to come up with a solution.


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