The Smarter Way to Care for Your Pets

The Smarter Way to Care for Your Pets

November 12 de 2015. For

Do you ever wonder what your pets do all day while you’re at work?


Maybe they’re napping on your new leather couch—where they’re strictly forbidden. Or perhaps they’re hilariously barking at their own reflection in the mirror.

Whatever they’re doing, your home automation system can unlock their secrets.

Give pets more freedom

After one squirrel sneaks into your house through the pet door, you learn your lesson: You need to control that door, but you can’t monitor it 24/7. Fortunately, a smart pet door combined with a smart fob on your pet’s collar can do the trick. The smart pet door and fob lets your pets in or out of the house, but won’t let other animals in. The fobs are especially great for people who work long hours. Gone is the worry about getting home to let the dogs out — they can take care of business on their own schedule.


Window to their world

If you’ve ever come home to your shoes mysteriously relocated from your bedroom to your living room, or your bookshelf emptied and your hardcovers chewed, you can appreciate the appeal of wireless cameras. Place them in various locations around your house for a window into your pet’s world. And if you catch them doing something funny, you’ll have the raw footage for the next viral video.


Cat burglar?

Attach contact sensors to the pantry door and you’ll catch Whiskers in the act of pirating contraband food. You can also use motion sensors near the litter box to trigger smart plugs that are connected to air fresheners.


Aquatic safety

Have an aquarium? A water leak detector can be an invaluable tool to keep your aquatic pals safe, but they also make sure you don’t come home to find your floor flooded.


Creature comfort

Whether it’s blistery winter day or a sticky summer one, make sure all of your pets stay comfortable and safe by monitoring the thermostat temperature inside your home. You can also receive an alert if your heating or cooling systems are on the fritz, so you can tend to them quickly, keeping your home—and its furry residents—safe.


Smart feeding

 A smart feeder can be very useful when you have long days, where you can not go home for several hours and you’re worried that your furry friend can eat at specific times and proper portions. From your phone you can enable the remote mechanism and serve a specific amount of food, even more, you can be alerted when your pet has eaten. Even if you’re at home you can keep track of the portions without having to serve them yourself.


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