Upgrade Your Home for the Holidays

Upgrade Your Home for the Holidays

November  9 de 2015. For imore.com

The holidays are just around the corner, which means you’ll likely be entertaining family and friends soon.


Whether it’s family visiting for Thanksgiving or the cocktail party you throw every year for friends and co-workers, entertaining — while fun —can be a lot of work.

Fortunately, with a little easy prep, your home automation system can help. Here’s how.

Welcome Guests to Your Home


When guests come for a holiday visit, you have a lot on your mind, from getting them access to your house to keeping them safe and happy throughout their stay. Ensure their safe arrival with Automated Outdoor Lighting. Your system can be configured to illuminate walkways and the front door so visitors won’t have to make their way to your doorstep in the dark.

Once guests have settled in, make it easy for them to come and go by programming an access code they can use to get into your Smart Lock. You can also give them a Smart Fob, which will automatically unlock the door when they approach it, and lock it behind them if they need to run out during the day.

And don’t dismiss the combination of an Outdoor Camera and Garage Door Opener. A camera at the front door can let you know who has arrived, while a garage door opener lets you give guests entry to your home no matter where you are when they arrive. The garage door opener can also make it easy for guests to unload their cars quickly in bad weather, even when you aren’t there. Just a push of the button in your app and they’ll see you as the most helpful host ever.


Make Them Comfortable


In addition to entering and leaving your home safely, you want your guests to be comfy during their stay. Is the guest room over the garage colder or hotter than the rest of the house? Smart thermostats let you manage whether a room or the entire house maintains its temperature depending on when guests arrive and leave, keeping them cozy and your utility bill in check.

And when it comes to the temperature in the rest of your home, you’ve probably encountered this situation before: You set the thermostat, and someone turns it up to 80 degrees because they’re chilly. With a Smart Thermostat, you’ll get an alert if it’s changed.

After the party or meal, and as the night comes to an end, you can provide visitors staying in the guest room a little extra privacy by programming the Automated curtains to close in the evening. The curtains can also be set to open in the morning, providing a sunny and warm wake-up call­.


Keep Visits Stress-free


Getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night can be tricky for guests who aren’t familiar with the layout of your home. Ease the journey with Motion Sensors, which automatically turn on the lights in the hallway and bathroom to give guests a safe, clear path.

Another important safety feature is Panic Buttons. While placing these buttons around your home will keep it secure year-round, installing one in the guest shower or bath ensures family and friends stay safe during their visit.

Beyond practical safety measures, make party preparations a snap with Smart Plugs, which let you set the lighting ambiance for the soiree, and even turn on music just before guests arrive. You can also add fragrance plug-ins that can be triggered by a motion sensor, so they can diffuse scent at just the right moment.

And the best part about all of these upgrades? Once your smart home system is set up for one holiday season, you’ll be ready to host guests all year long!

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