Why Use Smart Locks?

Why Use Smart Locks?

By Brian Lee. January 2016. For toptenreviews.com

Smart home locks allow you to use your phone to lock and unlock your door.


This makes it simpler to enter your home or give a friend or employee a way to get into your house when you are not there. You can check to make sure your door is locked when you are at work or on vacation. Unlike regular keys, you do not need to make copies or to ask borrowers to get them back.

Some smart lock manufacturers include Yale, Schlage and August Smart Lock.

Smart locks have only advantages and benefits to offer.

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Smart Locks: What to Look For


Since smart locks have different features, becoming familiar with them is a good first step. Learning about the apps used in the various programs helps you get what you need. Remote access is another important feature. Notification of home entry using a photo, email or text helps keep your home secure. Virtual keys, provided remotely, can limit door access to particular days or certain hours. In addition, installation complexity varies.


Mobile App


Smart home locks interface with your mobile phone using an app you can download from an online store or directly from the manufacturer’s site. The app needs to work with your smartphone. Checking on the company’s website is advisable since some smart lock applications are set up to work only with certain types and models of phones. Reloading the app on a new phone is fast and convenient.


The app lets you do such things, such as identify a visitor on your smartphone, receive a notification that someone entered or left your home, or provide virtual keys to others. Some apps extend the use of the lock to an electronic fob that lets you use the lock without a phone and is a good choice for children or workers.




This feature makes it possible to know who is entering or leaving your home when you are away. Some smart home locks transmit written notification by texting or emailing you. Others send a picture showing you who is moving through the door or ringing the doorbell.




To be certain you can enter your home despite a phone or power malfunction or if you lose your phone, most smart home locks come with a key or they have an unlocking by code panel. In the event your phone is lost, you can enter your home and contact customer care to remove access to your home using your computer.




Forgetting if you locked your door may be problematic and checking it can be done remotely. Sometimes you might need to unlock or lock your door from a distance. Since smartphones can do that, it is not a problem even when you are far from home.




Installation varies by complexity. Some require that you remove your current deadbolt lock and replace it with the smart lock, while others use your existing lock. The amount of time and your ability to install the locks may be an essential consideration.

Smart locks let you use your smartphone as a key. The locks let you monitor who enters your home and track their activity. Learning about the way smart home locks differ can help you make the right choice for you.


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